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L.I.F.E. Nutrition

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Learn. Implement. Fine-Tune. Enjoy!

Social media has created immense confusion about what it means to eat and be “healthy.” In L.I.F.E. Nutrition, you will learn the basics of creating nutrient-dense meals that give YOUR body the variety and satisfaction it needs to find joy and simplicity in eating.

What's included in our 4-Week L.I.F.E. Nutrition program?

Weekly Check-in

You’ll begin each week with a live Zoom meeting where you’ll learn about small habits to simplify meals/meal prep for you. Each meeting wraps up with a check-in/Q&A (live participation is strongly encouraged, but a recording will be provided).

Group Support

You are not alone on your food and wellness journey! We use a private Facebook group for accountability check-ins and weekly mini-lessons in addition to a members-only page on our website. We'll also have an informal mid-week Zoom check-in for support and questions.

Nutrition Packet

We created our L.I.F.E. Nutrition packet with small habit-forming tips,  macronutrient information pages, a beginning template for creating nutrient-dense meals, and additional reflections and resources to use during the session.


Eating nutrient-dense meals that you enjoy should not require hours in the kitchen! We’ve compiled some of our tried and true recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks along with an understanding of what macronutrients they provide.

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Individual Coaching

What is included with the addition of Individual Coaching?

Daily check-in via text or email re: group focus for the week


15 minute check-in 1x/week via Zoom or phone re: progress, fine-tuning and trouble-shooting


Space is limited to 6 individual coaching slots to maximize coaching experience

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I really liked how the program focused on creating a couple of new habits. You can't successfully change everything in four weeks, but with all of the information provided during the program, I can build more healthy habits on my own. The one-on-one coaching helped me problem solve and make my new habits realistic and attainable. It was also motivating to know that someone else was really committed to my success.

I really learned a lot during the BFF nutrition series. I loved that they made it easy and there were no calories to track. Being busy working moms they had some great recipes to share and tips that made eating healthy for all meals/snacks much simpler. Months after the sessions have ended I still am making the recipes and think of my balanced plate for every meal and snack. They helped change my mindset with food.

To say that Lauren and Jeanine are amazing at what they do and wizards in fitness and nutrition is an understatement. Everything was so well thought out and organized. I wasn’t local, but all instruction/communication was via video chat and Facebook. They had incredible resources to share, workbooks and recipes as well.


The fact that it is done with a group of women who all have similar goals and reasons for signing up was even more helpful and inspiring. Being able to hear others’ questions and ideas is also very helpful. And even though it is a group setting, they helped me really focus on myself and my individual goals. If you are considering signing up, don’t hesitate!


Visit our Plans and Pricing page for more information about our L.I.F.E. options.

Or shoot us an email and we'd be happy to discuss how L.I.F.E. might be a good fit for you!

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